The Atmosphere

Learning Target:

1. I can describe the basic composition and structure of Earth's atmosphere.

a. I can identify the layers of the atmosphere.

b. I can describe temperature differences between the layers.

c. I can identify the location and function of the ozone layer.


Summative Assignment:

Layers of the Atmosphere

Due Date: Thursday March 6th

Formative Assignment #4

Illuminating the Northern Lights

Due Date: Tuesday March 4th

Watch the video, “Illuminating the Northern Lights” and complete the worksheet below:

Illuminating the Northern Lights

Formative Assignment #1

Due Date: Monday March 3rd.

Earth - The Biography:  The Atmosphere Worksheet

  1. 1. Watch the video, Earth - The Biography:  The Atmosphere

  2. 2. Complete the worksheet below:

Earth - The Biography:  The Atmosphere

The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air, which we call the atmosphere. It reaches over 560 kilometers (348 miles) from the surface of the Earth, so we are only able to see what occurs fairly close to the ground. Early attempts at studying the nature of the atmosphere used clues from the weather, the beautiful multi-colored sunsets and sunrises, and the twinkling of stars. With the use of sensitive instruments from space, we are able to get a better view of the functioning of our atmosphere.

Life on Earth is supported by the atmosphere, solar energy, and our planet's magnetic fields. The atmosphere absorbs the energy from the Sun, recycles water and other chemicals, and works with the electrical and magnetic forces to provide a moderate climate. The atmosphere also protects us from high-energy radiation and the frigid vacuum of space.

The envelope of gas surrounding the Earth changes from the ground up. Four distinct layers have been identified using thermal characteristics (temperature changes), chemical composition, movement, and density.

Formative Assignment #2: 

Layers of the Atmosphere

Due Date: Tuesday March 4th

Use the information about the layers of the atmosphere from the links below and complete a 2-column note sheet about the Layers of the Atmosphere

Layers of the Atmosphere 2-column notes

To find out more about each layer of the atmosphere, click on the name of each layer on the diagram below:

Formative Assignment #3: The Ozone Layer

Due Tuesday March 4th

  1. 1.   Watch the video resources Ozzy Ozone and When CFC’s Meet Ozone.

  2. 2.    Complete the worksheet below”

Meet Ozzy Ozone

When CFC’s Meet Ozone