The Atomic Model

Formative Assignment #7:

Complete the Atomic Model /Atomic Structure Check for Understanding worksheet below:

Due Date: Friday 12-13-13

Summative Assignment 

The Great Atomic Adventure

Due Date: Friday 12-13-13

In this assignment you will be asked to investigate and piece together "the great adventure" that the atomic model has had over time!

To help you piece together "the great adventure" of what we know about the "atom", you will be creating a Google Presentation that shows the development of the atomic model.  

The goal is that we will accurately trace the evolution of the atomic model from the ancient Greeks to the present time.  

1)    You will research each of the following atomic models. 
Aristotle and Democritus (Ancient Greeks)
John Dalton (1800)
J.J. Thomson (1897)
Ernest Rutherford (1911)
James Chadwick (1932)
Neils Bohr (1915) 
 Quantum Model (Present)

   Using your scientific research, you create a presentation that describes the chemical concepts that relates to each of the atomic models above. 
After completing your research, compile your findings, and create your presentation.  

You will share your Google Presentation with your teacher.

    Tips to keep in mind:
Be creative.
Be neat and organized.
Make it easy to read.
Be consistent with fonts, colors, etc.

Each slide must contain at least 1 relevant picture. 

Each slide must contain web address where both information and picture(s) were obtained.

You will be graded according to:

Due Date: Friday December 13th







Atomic Structure Videos
Atomic Structure 
Internet Resources

Formative Assignment #7:

Watch the Atomic Structure videos and study the Atomic Structure Internet Resources.  Complete the Atomic Structure Graphic Organizer below:

Due Date: Friday 12-13-13


It is common knowledge that atoms are the "basic building blocks of matter."  Yet, atoms are so small that, even today, it is impossible to "see" one.  Our model of the atom is based on indirect and direct experimental data.  Because of the work done by the various men  you see above, the model of the atom has changed as our experimental ability improved.   Without the work of these men, the model of the atom as we know it today would not exist.

Atomic Structure II
Atomic Structure
Atomic Structure III

Atomic Model

Learning Targets

After completing the Atomic Model topic:

  1. 1.  I can describe the development of the atomic model.

  2. a.I can identify the contributions of Thompson, Bohr and Rutherford and Dalton

  1. 2.   I can describe the structure of the atom.

  2. a.I can define subatomic particle

  3. b.I can differentiate between the 3 subatomic particles.

  4. c.I can match the subatomic particles with their electrical charges.

d.  I can draw a Bohr model of the atom.

Atomic Model Assignments

Final Due Date for ALL Assignments:

Friday December 20th
Electron Orbitals

Atomic Structure Graphic Organizer